Canadian Twitter Parties

I love me a Twitter Party!

Twitter Parties are fun, always educational and usually there are prizes! Another Win! Win! Win!

Below is a list of upcoming Canadian Twitter Parties.

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Below just click the link to learn more about an upcoming Twitter party.

Occasionally the link isn’t ready and you’ll have to search twitter with the #hashtag.

Please leave me a message in the comments section if you love Twitter parties too!

If you would like to tell me about a Canadian Twitter Party you are going to host just email me or you could leave it in the comments with the particulars and I’ll include it below. One day it will all be automated.

Canadian Twitter Parties

is throwing a every Wednesday at 1pm ET. It is set up like a game show. Win awesome prizes!! US/CAN RSVP in comment

Please check out our contests, as well. There are all sorts of prizes, something for everyone! You just might win something!

Current Contests at Win! Win! Win!

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