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Hello! Welcome to our small corner of the internet.

We’re Canadians, Ontarians to be slightly more exact, who love contests!

If you love contests too, then you’ve come to the right place! We have many fun contests to enter. All with a great variety of prizes. Please check out contests listed at Win! Win! Win!

Click here for Current Contests at Win! Win! Win!

Wondering about this page? I won $5000 at the bingo about a 18 months ago now, and after a long discussion with my significant other, a large amount of that was allocated for a new business, preferably at home. I was still doing chemo then, and thought a winning page would be good for my soul. Everyone’s so happy when they win. Six months later, we found out what God had really given me the money for. Our car died in the middle of no where on our vacation, no cell service so we set out to find cell service to call, I stumbled and fracture my wrist and ankle. Very long story short, all the remaining money went to car and the work I’m missing. A downside to mystery shopping, no insurance. I had to stop all contests, I just can’t afford them now. I hope to bring them back one day at the zealous I was shooting for.  I understand many of you will be upset, but I am truly sorry.

I’m not sure where the page is going to go, it’s a very slow growth. So please share our contests with your followers.

If you want even more contests check out our Twitter and Facebook feeds. They are overflowing with current contests we have discovered. Follow either to get those awesome contest finds forwarded to your feeds.

Never pay to have access to contests again. We promise from day one there will never be charges to access contests.

Good luck! If you win let us know in the comments, please.

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