Shhhh! I’m a Secret Shopper Giveaway – $50 CDN PayPal Gift Card – 18+, WW – Ends 11/03

Shhhh! This is highly classified information. 🙄

I’m a Secret Shopper!

I get paid to go into well known businesses to make an inquiry or perhaps a purchase; all the while noting my surroundings, the quality of the customer service I am receiving and by who.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? It really is. If I can do it anyone can! All you need is a phone and the ability to follow instruction. The hardest part? You have to not mind play acting a little dumb occasionally. Employee names are my nemesis. I’m happy the times they aren’t wearing a name tag. To me, remembering their description is easier than remembering their name.

I’ve been a Secret Shopper for over six years now.

I’ve easily done 1800 shops.

Electronic stores, banks, shoes, bakeries, gas stations, cell phones, liquor stores, lottery tickets and movies are examples of mystery shops I’ve done recently. I can’t really tell you where I’ve done my shops. You’re there incognito.

I will admit you can’t make a full-time living being a secret shopper. Not as a drone in my area, any way. I average around $400 a month.

I have had months where I have earned much more. They were very busy and fun! Fortunately, I have a car, so I can get around the city easily. Also, because I have a car, I occasionally get paid travel bonus pay to go to other towns and cities to help mystery shopping companies out when they can’t find a local shopper there. I love taking car rides so it’s great when that happens.

Some days I’m doing 14 hour days trying to get the shops done. You never know when the work is coming so it’s not something I put off. I need to be ready and willing to accept more.

Fortunately many companies allow you to book the work a week or so in advance. I’ve always preferred those companies. You can be organized. You need to be careful these days. So many tricksters. Never pay in advance to any company claiming they’ll find you Mystery Shops, it’s free these days. There are many companies out there needing reliable shoppers. You have to be careful about the shops you accept as well, do not wire money or deposit cheques as a shop. I always do a small job first.  See how the pay process works before I commit a lot of time to a company. Though, honestly I’ve never not been paid in the six years. I’ve had to make a lot of noise a few times to ensure I did get paid, but I’ve always received my money. Some companies are just slow on turnaround.

Are you a Secret Shopper? I’d love to hear your stories if you are! I’d also like to learn which Mystery Shopping/Secret Shopper Companies you’ve worked for. Please share in the comments. You will receive 100 entries daily for each Company you tell me about. I’m always looking for new companies to find contracts with. Many will award you for the referral.

Over time I will share a few stories of my own.

How to Enter

Shhhh! I’m a Secret Shopper Giveaway – $50 CDN PayPal Gift Card – 18+, WW – Ends 11/03

Contest Rules

Prize: $50 CDN PayPal Gift Card Rules: 18+, WW – Ends November 3rd, 2018 11:59 pm. You can enter daily. If the prize is unclaimed after 48 hours of being contacted a new name will be drawn. The winner will have to correctly fill in our Winner’s Confirmation Form which includes a skill testing question to win. We can not be responsible for lost mail. Lists can be cancelled at any time but bare in mind you need to be following anything you claim to be following to win. ​Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not participating in this contest. There could be up to a 30 day turnaround on the prize. No PO Boxes.

BTW comment on this blog post telling us your Mystery Shopping Stories or tell us what you’d buy if you won the $50. You will earn entries in the giveaway for doing so. You can comment daily with a different answer. ISS is one of my favourite shopping companies.

If you would like a daily reminder to reenter this contest, click here. You can cancel at anytime just follow the instructions in the email.

Good luck to you!

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  1. Secret shopped for local mystery shoppers canada.. Mcdonalds, pay was okay, lots of summaries and analysis articles I had to write. Another company is marketforce.. it was a while back

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