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I have been a secret shopper for nearly 6 years now. I started looking into it over 10 years ago but originally you needed to pay before they would give you shops. I would never do that. Modern technology definitely changed the mystery shopping sector.

Never pay to become a mystery shopper/secret shopper. Those are scams. There are many, many companies and apps that give you a selection of mystery shops for free.

As I have stated before you cannot really earn a full-time income being a mystery shopper. Not as a drone. In my area, I average $400 a month. Some months it’s much more and occasionally it is lower. That’s a lot of work for $400 and before considering expenses. Probably 35+ jobs.

I’ve been fortunate and I have always been paid. A couple of times payment was late and I had to make some ripples before I received payment. Companies do not like negative messages slamming their large social media presence. So companies tend to fix issues immediately. Perhaps it’s just to shut me up, but whatever works. I learned a long time ago not to follow sites and then they can’t block me.

Since I’ve been asked so many times which companies I trust, I thought I’d start a short article on companies I feel you should be careful in dealing with.

This is my free, hands on, experienced opinions of Secret Shopper sites.

Field Agent

I’ll first say I have always been paid in a timely manner with Field Agent/FieldAgentCA . That isn’t my issue with them. Aside from shops paying approximately 60% less than four years ago, (Field Agent has been around since 2009) my issue is they do not give you the opportunity to fix any mistake you may have made in the shop. They just reject it. No discussion. This is why I suggest never using your credit card with Field Agent. We are human and make mistakes, and personally I feel the job should not be being accepted if it is not properly finalized. All that aside, if you’re willing to do low paying mystery shops, Field Agent has a steady steam of them. There are two types of Mystery Shopping Companies, ones that let you book days/weeks in advance or, like Field Agent , you can only book the job one/two hours ahead. I feel they try to discourage multiple shops being done with choosing this format. Hence, lowering your chance at income.

Over time I will add other sites, like Cirrus.


Did you know Win! Win! Win! is a new fun, free contest site? Please check us out! Over 20 contests being offered by us and other bloggers. I do mystery shops on the side. I work for many companies. Even though I’m Canadian, most of the Companies I work for are international. There are some Canadian Companies. I will get to all those over time.

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