Sureway Digital Mall – Silver Plated Sugar Skull Ring With Roses Review

I was excited to be introduced to Sureway Digital Mall. An online Canadian jewelry company that serves the world. I love shopping Canadian whenever I can. They have a unique factory to business model that lets you order awesome jewelry from the comfort of your own home or anywhere on your phone at a great rate. Their passion for jewelry is evident from the quality of their pieces.

Started in 2015 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Sureway Digital Mall has procured an eclectic assortment of fine jewelry. Many beautiful gold and silver baubles are available, as well as leather and beaded jewelry. Something for all, young or old or male or female, in their vast collection.

Sureway Digital Mall has a large assortment of beautiful jewelry for both men and women. They manufacture and distribute unique customized jewelry, fashion jewelry, inspirational jewelry, beach jewelry, couples jewelry and they also have a nice selection of skull jewelry. That’s what caught my interest.

Friends and I go to karaoke once a month and I’m the classic rock/glam rock girl. Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll is my favorite karaoke song. I have sung that song well over a hundred times by now. Singing being used loosely, though.

When I saw the Silver Plated Sugar Skull Ring With Roses at nearly 39 percent off I couldn’t resist. The ring finishes off my karaoke ensemble perfectly. It is so much fun to dress up and go out with friends and sing and dance. Okay, maybe drink a bit, too. You should try karaoke! It is a great stress reliever.

The best part of all, the ring in no way looks like costume jewelry. It is beautiful. The detail is exquisite! Highly polished silver metal with inset silver skulls has two heart-shaped red crystal zirconia that are nestled around a rose gold flower. The red gems offer that radiant color-pop. I could wear the Sugar Skull Ring With Roses daily if I so chose to. Just I leave my rocker self for weekends.

All my friends were gushing about my ring, when I wore it the first time. They were all wondering where I got it from; they hadn’t seen anything like it before and neither had I. I had a hard time deciding between Silver Plated Sugar Skull Ring With Roses and Sugar Skull Rings Set – Skull Wedding Rings. Both were on sale, but I’m super happy with my new ring and maybe will order the second ring next. Who knows! With so much unique jewelry I’m sure I’ll be back many times.

Figuring out my ring size was simple, as well. Sureway Digital Mall’s blog has guides that describe in easy to follow steps the sizing for rings, bracelets and necklaces.

No matter your taste, Sureway Digital Mall has something for you. Customer Service can help you find it. They will answer all your questions and get your order out to you, usually within 48 hours. She has always responded to my questions in a timely matter, and always with patience and a positive attitude. Sureway Digital Mall offers free shipping to anywhere in Canada, United States or Europe. They use the post office for delivery and always have a tracking number for you, so that you can follow where the package is on your phone or computer as it makes its way through the system. I received my order two days after it was sent. It was neatly wrapped in a cute box.

They also offer hassle-free returns just in case you change your mind. More than likely you wont though, their passion ensures all production is meticulous and each piece of jewelry is scrutinized to ensure you are receiving detailed perfection. No doubt, like me, you’re a hard worker striving to be your best self, so we deserve to treat ourselves. There is always a sale going on at So, you will be able to treat yourself often. You may as well do your holiday shopping there, as well! I am! Did you see those sales? And who doesn’t love jewelry!

Sureway Digital Mall has many ways you can reach out or follow them on social media. Check back often to see what’s new!


With full disclosure, I received compensation for producing this article. As always though, thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not told what to say. Please contact me, Marie, at if you have any questions or concerns. Or just want to say hi!

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4 thoughts on “Sureway Digital Mall – Silver Plated Sugar Skull Ring With Roses Review

  1. This Silver Plated Sugar Skull Ring With Roses is absolutely wonderful. The style and design is perfect. I would be happy to wear this as well as my daughter!

  2. I like to hear abour |Canadian companies; thanks for introducing me to this one. Skull jewelry is not something I’m interested in wearing, but this skull with roses ring is definitely unique and detailed. I’ll have to take a look at their other products.

  3. I like to hear about Canadian companies; thanks for introducing me to this one. Skull jewelry is not something I’m interested in wearing, but this skull with roeses ring is definitely unique and detailed. I’ll have to have a look at thire other products.

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