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Hi, I’m Marie. I run Win! Win! Win!

At the end of 2016 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. 2017 was all about beating it. Port surgeries, tumor removal surgery, chemo, radiation, doctor appointments and near daily Herciptin shots filled my days. Fortunately, I had my family to support me. I was also fortunate that the chemo didn’t affect me as much as some others. I drank a lot of water. Three or more liters (0.8+ gallon) daily and from what the nurses said, the more water consumed the faster you peed out the chemo drugs. Perhaps, that is why. The nurses also said ice cream is the same as water.

I did not have a tattoo until I received my four blue dots that helped guide the radiation machine. Now I have four tiny reminders of that hell. I had a bad reaction and there was a lot of broken skin. My radiated skin is still healing six months later. There is still a brown tone to the area. It has improved, though. For awhile the treated area felt like leather.

I was quite lucky really. My daughter was going out-of-town for her birthday in 2016, so I decided to make my annual checkup for that day. Her plans changed, so I changed mine, too. The appointment ended up being moved six months into the future. My doctor’s a busy lady, apparently. At the same time I received notification from the Canadian Government to do a Mammogram at 50. My doctor booked the appointment for me. It was on that Mammogram they found my tumor. Had I waited the six months to my checkup, I’m sure my cancer would have been, at least, a stage 3 and probably metastatic. It still could be that.  They did remove a couple of my lymph nodes. So far everything looks good.  I truly feel that notice saved my life. Please do not throw out those health check notices. Act upon them. Man or Woman.

I’m not sure what the American Government does in regards to mammogram and prostate checks. Probably different by state? Please share in the comments if you do.

All those treatments are done. Now, I’m only scheduled to see my oncologist and radiation doctor alternatively every six months. I’m not exactly sure how long that will go on for. I’m taking Tamoxifen. Five years total for that prescription, so that pill will be part of my life for quite a while. I suspect the doctor’s appointments will go on, at least, that long. The pill has made my hot flashes even hotter and my eyes leak even more while I’m watching TV. It’s a bit embarrassing. Commercials even do it. I’d be a great sympathy/empathic monitor for hire. Let me watch your tape and you’ll be able to tell by the tears streaming down my face, or lack of, if your work is as touching as you’d hoped for. Crazy really. The leaky eyes happened prior to starting to take Tamoxifen but it is quite stronger now. Do you experience anything like that?

If you feel scared, lonely, or just want to chat, contact me using the Contact Us For Any Reason button above. I’m not a doctor/nurse, but I am a great listener and may know exactly how you’re feeling.

Please leave a message in the comments if you feel so inclined, it would be great to eventually turn this page into a message board. I live in Canada but that shouldn’t matter. Cancer affects every class and walk of life. It is not biased.

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